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Researcher: Vassilios Evangelidis

Title: Possible Private Finance Initiative opportunities for army helicopter training in Europe.

Institution: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Degree: Master of Aeronautical Science Year: 2007

Control over ambient conditions, safety enhancement and low operating cost, made simulators an invaluable training platform that offers significant improvements in all phases of helicopter pilot training. At the beginning of the new millennium UK, Canada, Australia, and USA resorted to Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and it was expected that PFI would help the simulation training industry to boom in EU countries, too. The primary focus of this research was to identify possible NATO European countries whose Army Aviation fleets could support the establishment of a privately financed helicopter training center. The research revealed that there were only a few single country helicopter fleets that could support a PFI training center. It also revealed there were significant opportunities for the establishment of international training centers used by multiple NATO European countries based on the Franco-German partnership model.

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