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ADO – Australian Defense Organization

AQC – Aircraft (Advanced) Qualification Course

ARI - Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

AVCATT – Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer Aviation Combat

BWC - Basic Wings Course

CBT – Computer Based Training CPT – Cockpit Procedure Trainer DoD – Department of Defense

DIS - Distributed Interactive Simulation FFS – Full Flight Simulator

FSXXI – Flight School Twenty One

GAO – Government Accountability Office HAA - Hellenic Army Aviation

HAGS – Hellenic Army General Staff

HFTS - Helicopter Flight Training Services Gmbh IERW – Initial Entry Rotorcraft Wing

ISD – Instructional System Development M&S – Modeling and Simulation

MOD – Ministry of Defense

MSHATF - Medium Support Helicopter Aircrew Training Facility

NTSA – National Transportation and Simulation Association PFI – Private Finance Initiative (In Australia: Private Funded Initiative)

POI – Program of Instruction RAF – Royal Air Force

RN – Royal Navy

RSAF - Republic of Singapore Air Force SAT – System Approach to Training SIMNET – Simulator Network

TOT – Transfer of Training

UKMFTS - UK Military Flying Training System

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